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Typical gameplay

This page contains information about the Spartan Dominion Minecraft Server, also known as Yardlecraft.

Note that in the current modpack, you must disable the DifficultLife and BloodArsenal mods in your FTB launcher in order for your client to work correctly. See the instructions below for details.

A list of mods in this modpack can be found here.

Current server

Note: this server is linked to our IRC channel (#spartandominion on irc.freenode.net)

Server Info
Modpack FTB Horizons: Daybreaker (1.7.10)
Link minecraft.spartandominion.com
Port 25565
IP Address
Website http://minecraft.spartandominion.com/
Host Server Mania
Hardware 4 GB RAM / 75 GB storage
Max Users 50
Disabled Mods BloodArsenal and DifficultLife

Instructions for connecting

You will need a copy of Minecraft in order to connect. If you don't have one, you can buy one here.

  1. If you don't have Java installed, get it from here. If possible, get the x64 version, otherwise FTB will only be able to use ~3.5 GB of RAM.
  2. Go to feed-the-beast.com and click the link that says "Download Stable—FTB Launcher".
  3. Copy the downloaded EXE somewhere memorable (such as your desktop or documents)
  4. Run the launcher as an administrator.
  5. Select the location to install FTB (default: C:\FTB on Windows) and click Apply.
  6. Once the launcher data has downloaded, open the FTB Modpacks tab and select the pack called FTB Horizons: Daybreaker (v1.2.0).
  7. Click Edit Mod Pack and disable the mods BloodArsenal and DifficultLife.
  8. Click the Select Profile dropdown at the bottom, then choose Create Profile.
  9. Enter your Minecraft account credentials, then click Add.
  10. Click Launch and wait for the pack to download and run.
  11. Once the client opens, choose Multiplayer and add a new server. The name doesn't matter, but the server address should be set to minecraft.spartandominion.com. If it's set correctly, you should be able to see the server's name and how many players are online.

If you have any trouble, leave a message on Ecliptica's talk page or send an email to spartandominion@gmail.com.


The server has a ticket system in place. If no admins are online, your ticket will be logged until one becomes available.

To log a ticket, enter the command /ticket new <category> <message>. Valid categories are dispute, griefing, suggestion, and misc.

If you are having trouble connecting to the server, email us.

Protecting land

To see detailed info about protecting your area, see MyTown2.


The following commands can be used on the server.

Command Result
/back Teleports you to your last death or teleport location
/help Displays a list of commands
/home Teleports you to your home
/home set Sets your home to your current location
/list Lists all online players
/ping Pings the server to test latency.
/pwarp <name> Teleports you to your personal warp named <name>
/pwarp <name> set Sets the personal warp <name> to your current location
/rules Shows server rules
/seen <username> Shows when player <username> was last on the server
/spawn Teleports you to the server spawn location
/ticket <args Logs or reviews tickets; see section Support
/tpa <username> Requests to teleport to player <username>
/tpa accept Accepts a /tpa request
/tpa decline Rejects a /tpa request

Past servers

In the past, we have run various versions of vanilla Minecraft, Tekkit, and several other Feed the Beast modpacks. We have on occasion had more than one server running at once.

If you would like us to set up a new server with your favourite modpack, let us know by leaving a message on Ecliptica's talk page or by emailing spartandominion@gmail.com. If there is enough demand for a new server, we will set one up.