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This page describes how to protect land in the YardleCraft (Minecraft) FTB Server.

For detailed commands and info, see the GitHub wiki for the mod.

All commands on this page use the alias /town, but you can alternatively use /t or /mytown.

Creating a town

The following conditions must be met before creating a new town:

  • Your town name must not be taken
  • You must not already be a resident of 3 towns
  • You must be standing on a chunk that is unclaimed and not within 5 chunks of another town

If you meet these requirements, you can create your town by typing /town new <name>, where <name> is the name of your new town.

Claiming and unclaiming land

You can then claim chunks which belong to your town by typing /town claim <range>, where <range> is the radius in chunks to claim around the chunk you're standing on.

You can unclaim the chunk you're standing on by typing /town unclaim.

Resident management

The following commands are useful for managing who is allowed in your town.

Command Result
/town invite <username> Invites <username> to become a resident in your town
/town kick <username> Kicks <username> out of your town
/town promote <username> <rank> Sets <username> to <rank> in your town
/town invites Shows all towns which have invited you as a resident
/town [accept/refuse] <town> Accepts or rejects an invitation to join a town
/town ranks list Shows all ranks currently enabled in your town
/town ranks add <name> <rank> Adds a new rank named <name> with optional value <rank>
/town ranks remove <rank> Removes <rank> from your town ranks
/town ranks set <rank> <type> Categorizes <rank> as a <type>, either default, mayor, or regular
/town ranks reset Resets all ranks in your town to the defaults

Permissions management

Permissions can control what specific people can or can't do within the premises of your town. The following commands can be used to set permissions for your town:

Command Result
/town perm set <flag> <value> Sets <flag> to the specified <value>
/town perm list Shows all flags with values and descriptions
/town wild perm Shows flags applied to unclaimed chunks

Plot management

It's possible to define plots in your town, which are sub-areas that can be assigned to residents and have different permissions from the rest of your town.

Plots must have an area between 9 and 300 blocks.

The following commands will help manage plots:

Command Result
/town plot new <name> Enables the plot selection tool, which allows you to select a rectangular area, then creates a new plot called <name>.
/town plot [show/hide] Visually shows/hides all the plots inside of your town.
/town plot add owner <username> Adds <username> as an owner of the plot, giving them full access to it
/town plot add member <username> Adds <username> as a member to the plot, allowing them to bypass protection but not modify settings or add others to the plot.
/town plot remove <username> Removes <username> as a member of the plot.
/town plot delete Deletes the plot you're standing on.
/town plot limit show Displays the max number of plots a resident can have in the town.
/town plot limit set <limit> Sets the max number of plots for residents to <limit>

Miscellaneous commands

The following miscellaneous commands may be useful:

Command Result
/town info Shows general info about your town
/town res <username> Shows info about a particular town resident
/town setspawn Sets the spot you're standing on as your town's spawn point
/town spawn Teleports you to your town's spawn point
/town select <town> Sets the town on which your commands work to <town>
/town rename <newname> Sets your town's name to <newname>
/town leave delete Deletes your town
/town bank info Shows info about the town bank
/town bank [withdraw/deposit] <amount> Withdraws or deposits <amount> to/from the town bank
/town borders [show/hide] Shows or hides your town's borders using lapis blocks.
/town list Lists all towns
/town map Shows the map of your town using ASCII
/town prices Shows a list of prices for all town-related things