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Feed the Beat Horizons: Daybreaker is a modpack for Minecraft version 1.7.10, and is the current modpack used on the YardleCraft server. It aims to include alternative mods which are not in the main FTB packs, such as Galacticraft and Mekanism.

The official website for the modpack can be found here.

List of mods

Name Version Forum Post Website Description
Advanced Generators [1] [2] Adds blocks for creating multi-block energy generators for RF, EU, or MJ
AMT Generators 1.4.2 [3] Adds generators and transformers to power AppleMilkTea2 appliances
Ancient Trees 1.5.1 [4] Adds 13 new rare types of trees to the world
AOBD BB 1.0.3 [5] Adds berry bushes that produce oreberries which can be smelted into ore nuggets
AppleCore 1.1.0 [6] [7] API that allows hunger and food mods, and modifies the hunger HUD
AppleMilkTea2 2.7c [8] Adds various types of food and a drink brewing system
AsieLib 0.4.0 [9] A dependency for mods made by user Asie.
Aura Cascade 452 [10] [11] Adds a magic fluid called "aura" which can power several machines
Baubles [12] [13] API which adds extra inventory slots for use by other mods, accessible using B
Bdlib [14] API support library for other mods
Blood Arsenal * 1.1-12 [15] [16] Adds magical tools and sigils (disabled as it caused client errors)
Blood Magic 1.3.3-4 [17] Adds blood, sigils, rituals, alchemy, spells, etc.
Blue Power 0.2.945 [18] Technology mod modeled after RedPower; adds erupting volcanoes, tubes, and machines
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.6 [19] [20] Adds decorative blocks such as slopes and corners which can be combined with normal blocks
ChickenChunks [21] Adds a Chunk Loader object
Chisel 2 [22] [23] Adds a chisel tool which can decorate existing blocks
ChiselTones 1.0-1 [24] Adds chisel functionality to Ztones Tiles
Clockwork Phase 1.0f [25] Adds brass blocks, extra tools, and hourglasses
CodeChickenCore [26] API for other ChickenBones mods.
CoFH Core 3.0.2-262 [27] API for other CoFH mods (such as Thermal Foundation)
Computronics 1.5.0 [28] [29] Adds peripherals including cameras and cassette tapes
Custom Main Menu 1.2 [30] [31] Allows a modified main menu using a JSON file
DecoCraft 2.0.2 [32] Adds a DecoBench which can be used to create decorative blocks
Dense Ores 1.6.2 [33] Adds a chance that a spawning ore will be replaced with a high-yield, denser version
Difficult Life * 1.2.1710.0 [34] Mobs level up every day, making them much harder to kill (disabled for server- and client-side issues)
DummyCore 1.12 [35] API used for other DummyThinking mods (such as EssentialCraft3)
Emasher Defense [36] Part of Engineer's Toolbox; adds defensive items including barbed wire, fences, and sandbags
Emotes 1.0.1 [37] [38] Adds 20 emotes which can be invoked using /emote
EnderStorage [39] Adds Ender Chests, Ender Pouches, and Ender Tanks which can be accessed remotely
Engineer's Toolbox [40] [41] Adds ore processing, automatic mining, power generators, energy storage, and several other features
Enhanced Inventories 1.0.13 [42] Adds new inventories including chests, lockers, and cabinets
Equivalent Exchange 3 0.3.507 [43] [44] Allows transmutation of blocks and items
EssentialCraft III 4.5.1710.204 [45] Adds magic and technology, including radiation, soul stones, and generators
Extra Utilities 1.2.6 [46] [47] Adds misc. utility blocks and items
Farseek 1.0.8 [48] [49] API for the Streams mod
FastCraft * 1.21 [50] [51] Improves client and server performance (removed due to incompatability with ForgeEssentials)
FloodLights 0.4.3-62 [52] [53] Adds an RF/UE/EU-powered floodlight, which lights up a large area in front of it
Forge Multipart [54] API allowing multiple miniature blocks in one block space
Framez 0.2-32 [55] Adds motors, frames, upgrades, and other misc. blocks
Galacticraft [56] [57] Adds planets, space stations, and rockets
Garden Stuff 1.6.3 [58] [59] Adds a collection of garden-related mods
GasCraft [60] [61] Addon for Engineer's Toolbox; adds gasses to caves which flow upwards and can be used in machinery
Geko's Lasers 0.7 [62] [63] Addon for Thermal Expansion; adds laser weapons and tools
GuideAPI 1.0.1-20 [64] API which makes it easier for modders to add in-game documentation
Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.1 [65] [66] Overhauls The End; adds new islands, dungeons, mobs, bosses, blocks, mechanicas, and items. Info can be accessed by pressing P
Headcrumbs 1.3.1 [67] [68] Adds more mob heads
iBench 1.0.12 [69] [70] Adds a portable workbench
In-Game Wiki Mod 1.1.3-18 [71] [72] Adds an in-game wiki
Inventory Tweaks 1.59-dev-152 [73] Adds sorting to inventories, replaces broken tools and empty stacks in your hotbar
Iron Backpacks 1.0.4 [74] [75] Adds 4 tiers of portable storage backpacks
JourneyMap 5.1.0rc3 [76] [77] Adds real-time mapping and a minimap to the game
Kore Sample 1.3.0 [78] API for Ancient Trees
LatBlocks [79] [80] Adds paintable blocks and fountains
LatCoreMC [[81]] [82] API for LatBlocks
LomLib 3.2.0 [83] API for mods by user Lomeli12
Magnanimous Tools 0.1.6 [84] [85] Based on Tinkers Construct, adds more tools to the game
Malisis Core 0.12.3 [86] API for other mods
Mantle 0.3.2 [87] API for other mods
Matter Overdrive [88] [89] Technological mod inspired by Star Trek, adds many new blocks and machines
Mekanism [90] Adds many new machines and items
MicdoodleCore [91] API for Galacticraft
MineMenu 1.2.0.B44 [92] Adds a radial menu to help deal with key binding conflicts
MineTweaker3 3.0.9 [93] [94] Enables customized recipes
MmmMmmMmmMmm 1.6 [95] Adds a test dummy
Modular Armor 1.0.7-30 [96] [97] Replacement for Modular Powersuits, adds power armor to the game
NEI Addons [98] [99] NEI addons for several mods
NEI Integration 1.0.9 [100] NEI handlers for several mods
Not Enough Items [101] [102] Adds a searchable recipe viewer, inventory manager, and item spawner.
Not Enough Resources [103] Adds NEI integration for world resources
Obsidiplates [104] Adds more pressure plates with specific activation requirements
Open Modular Turrets 1.3.8-35 [105] Adds modular turrets, walls, and fences for base defense from players and mobs
Open Peripheral Integration 0.2.2 [106] Integration for vanilla blocks and several mods
OpenBlocks 1.4.3 [107] [108] Blocks and items to enhance the game
OpenComputers [109] [110] Adds programmable, modular, and persistent computers to the game. Similar to ComputerCraft, except that computers require energy to run.
OpenModsLib 0.7.3 [111] API for OpenBlocks and OpenPeripherals.
OpenPeripheralsCore 1.1.1 API for OpenPeripherals.
Particle Physics 1.0.44 [112] [113] Adds particle-based power generation.
Potion Extension Core 1.1.0 [114] Expands potion array size to 128.
Professor Flaxbeard's
Wondrous Steam Power Mod
0.28.7 [115] [116] Adds steam power
Progressive Automation 1.6.16 [117] [118] Adds low-tech automation tools for common tasks
QMunitylib 0.1.114 [119] API for QMunity mods
Quantum Flux 1.2.0 [120] [121] Adds new ways to generate, store, and transport RF wirelessly
QuiverBow b100 [122] [123] Adds new ranged weapons
Random Things 2.2.4 [124] [125] A collection of blocks and items
Realistic World Gen 1.3.2 [126] Modifies world generation to look more realistic
Redstonic 1.4.5 [127] [128] Adds tools powered by RF
Refined Relocation 1.0.8b [129] [130] Designed to make chests and pipes more friendly in modded Minecraft
Resource Loader 1.0.8b [131] API which allows users to add their own resources to Minecraft
RF Windmills 0.7 [132] [133] Adds four tiers of RF-generating wind turbines
RFTools 3.02 [134] [135] Adds machines and items which are useful for RF
Router Reborn [136] [137] Transfers items between connected inventories
Sanguimancy 1.1.9-31 [138] [139] Addon for Blood Magic; adds dark magic
Sanguine Utilities 1.3.2 [140] [141] Tweaks for Blood Magic
Simple Condensers 1.0.1 [142] Adds simple-to-use condenser blocks
Soul Shards: The Old Ways 0.1-RC9-7 [143] Allows crafting of mob spawners
Storage Drawers 1.5.6 [144] [145] Adds new types of storage to the game
Streams 0.1.4 [146] [147] Adds flowing streams and rivers to the world
Thermal Foundation 1.0.0-85 [148] API for adding world resources
ttCore 0.1.1-77 [149] API for other mods
Waila 1.5.10 [150] [151] NEI extension which shows which mod specific items are from; adds a HUD in-game to show what you're looking at
Wawla 1.2.1 [152] Extension for Waila
XP Teleporters 1.0.4 [153] Adds teleporters which use XP as fuel
Ztones 2.2.1 [154] Adds decorative blocks

* Mod removed from YardleCraft server