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Box art for The Game

The Game is a game. Winning isn't the objective; instead, players simply attempt to not lose very often.


  1. When you're reminded of The Game for any reason, you lose The Game.
  2. When you lose The Game, you have 30 minutes to forget The Game, unless you're playing on Hardcore Mode. If you're playing on Hardcore Mode, you can lose many times in sequence within the same 30 minutes.
  3. If you lose, you have to announce that you lost. Failure to do so is considered modding and is bannable.
  4. Once you know the rules of The Game, you are playing forever.

Because of the nature of The Game, it is not possible for one to realize he or she has won without losing immediately after.

How to make other people lose

Bonus points are awarded in The Game for:

  • Making lots of people lose all at once
  • Finding creative ways to make someone else lose

For example, writing "The Game" on the overhead projector in a lecture theater would result in a lot of bonus points when the professor turns it on in class.

Game mechanics

The Game is one of the few games which players get worse at the more they play. Some people have reported losing The Game every time they see the word "the".

Future editions

Development of The Game 2 has been officially confirmed. The release date is planned for December 21, 2012. It will supposedly have vastly improved graphics over the first, as well as higher multiplayer capacity, seven new levels, and Legendary Mode. The Game 2 will also be available on most smartphones.